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Senior Classroom

The 4th, 5th and 6th class are taught by Ms. Wilson. They have a large, airy, bright classroom with lots of space. With 5 computers and a laser printer in the classroom, they are often busy completing projects and looking up information on the internet. Like all the other classrooms, the senior classroom has an interactive whiteboard which the children thoroughly enjoy using!

Happy Halloween from the Senior Classroom!

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By now we are well settled back to life in school. During October the Senior Classroom worked very hard and produced some great work!

In Music, the children have been focusing on musical theory and have learned the names for musical notes as well as other Italian musical terms used in Music. They also engaged in some listening and responding activities in Music and used their knowledge of musical theory learned.

The children took a “Line for a Walk” in Art and explored the work of the artist, Paul Klee.

In Gaeilge, the children continue to learn lots of new vocabulary and are learning lots of new phrases too. They learned the phrase “Nuair a fhΓ‘saim suas, ba mhaith liom a bheith i mo…” which means “When I grow up, I would like to be a …” and they drew illustrations of their future career path!

During the month, we explored the topic of Ancient China in SESE and learned lots of interesting facts about the various dynasties that ruled China. The Han Dynasty was one such dynasty and we designed our own vases in support of all they did for arts and culture in China.

In English, we looked at the poem, The Marrog by R.C Scriven and identified its effective use of adjectives. The children then drew pictures of what they imagined the “Marrog” looked like from this descriptive poem.

In preparation for Halloween, the children wrote their own Halloween Acrostic Poem

They also wrote their own Spooky Stories which were quite terrifying to listen to!!

In Art, the children created their own Haunted House Scene using oil pastels. Didn’t they do a great job!

They also designed their own Halloween costume for the Folens Halloween Competition

Finally on the day of our Halloween Holidays, the children dressed up in their Halloween costumes and had a mini party/disco with their classmates to mark the start of our Mid Term Break!

Well done 5th & 6th Class on a great month’s work. Enjoy your Mid Term Break and be sure to have a Happy Halloween Everybody!

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A Warm Welcome Back From the Senior Classroom

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The first 6 weeks have flown by and the Senior Classroom have settled back very well to life in school with all its new practices and procedures!

In SPHE, we have been learning about Covid 19 and how we can help control its spread. We designed our own face masks in response to all that we learned

In Art, the children enjoyed creating their own Autumn Leaf Mosaics using coloured card and leaf cut outs.

We explored the theme of Autumn some more and wrote our own Autumn Sensory Poems in English!

The children enjoyed learning about the life and work of an American Street Artist called Thank You X in Art. In response to his work, they each designed their own cubes with pictures, shapes and patterns which we put together to create our own Collaborative Cube Mural

During September, we discussed the topic of Harvest in Religion and following this we drew our own Harvest Pictures to celebrate this very important time of year πŸ™‚

We also got active in P.E. each week learning both hockey and hurling skills. We were fortunate to have GAA Coach, Brian Riain, back for 2 weeks to teach us some hurling drills πŸ™‚

The children have been learning lots of new phrases and vocabulary in Gaeilge since returning to school. They drew their own pictures in response to some common phrases we met.

In Science, we studied the Reproductive Parts of a Flower and Plant and labelled the parts on our worksheets.

In History, we studied buildings and monuments in our local area. The children learned about the 1798 Monument just outside our school grounds which was erected to commemorate the Battle of Castlecomer, the last battle of the 1798 Rebellion

They also learned about the history of the Creamery House which dates back to 1750 and was unfortunately damaged during the 1798 Rebellion. Did you know that the Creamery House was once a Perambulator Factory where baby prams were made?!

In Art, the children expanded a small cut out scene to create their own imaginative landscapes

Finally on Friday, 9th October, the whole school participated in GOAL Jersey Day to support Goal’s work with vulnerable communities around the world.

We took out our hurls and practised our hurling skills in our jerseys!

Well done Senior Classes on a great start back to school after all our time apart πŸ™‚

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A Fond Farewell to a Fantastic Sixth Class!

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On Wednesday, 1st July 2020, members of Sixth Class were invited back to our school grounds to meet with their teachers and to receive their well-deserved Graduation Pack.

2020 will be a year to remember for us all and a year in which we all worked together to keep ourselves safe and well. As a result of this, Sixth Class were awarded a “Class of 2020” hoody to recognise the work they did, the sacrifices they made and the opportunities they missed in their final term of primary school. We wish them all the very best as they move on to Secondary School and thank them for all their hard work during their time at Wandesforde!

Well done to Grainne Lalor and Malachi Burke who both received an award from the school for “Best Overall Achiever” in 2019/2020 school year!

Below are photographs of Sixth Class at their graduation with some of their family members.

Congratulations to you all! Enjoy your summer break and remember you are always welcome to pop back and visit us all at Wandesforde πŸ™‚

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Some Memories of our 6th Class of 2020!

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I have created a short video clip of some photo memories of your time at Wandesforde! Not all photos are as clear as I would like but you will hopefully recognise faces. Thank you for being such a wonderful class during your time at Wandesforde. You will be sadly missed by us all. Ms Wilson πŸ™‚

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A Big Hello to 4th, 5th & 6th!!

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Hi again 4th, 5th & 6th Class and all the busy Mums and Dads! I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I am keeping well and so are all my family thankfully. As you may be aware by now, we will unfortunately be unable to return to Wandesforde until September. This is very sad news indeed, especially for our 6th Class pupils. The Summer Term is always a busy yet fun term with Swimming, School Tours, Sports Day as well as many other school activities but sadly this can not happen this year. I had hoped, as had all the teachers, that we would be back for a couple of weeks in June but this is not the case. We now have to continue to follow the government’s guidelines to ensure that we contain and control this terrible virus.

I am sure you are all enjoying this great weather which has been so good to us during this unusual time. Are you baking, gardening, farming, doing arts and crafts in your homes? Please if you get a chance, can you forward any photos of your time away from school to info@wandesforde.ie and write Ms. Wilson in the subject line. By doing this, it means that I can keep you all, as senior pupils, connected with each other in some way πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed the video clip the teachers and staff put together for you. It was great fun doing it and for me, it was really nice to see all the other teachers and to see them safe and well πŸ™‚

Now to the work I need you to do over the next 2 weeks (5th-15th May) so that you continue to be engaged in your learning at home.


Reading: Continue to read your own novels at home. Please keep an account of the books you have read during your time at home. You can record it on a sheet of paper or in a copybook if you have one at home.

Class Reader: Read the next 2 chapters of your class reader.

4th & 5th Class: Read Lift Off: “A Drive in the Motor Car” Pg 220- 225 & answer the questions & activities orally on pg 226 & 227. Read “Cars” Pg 228-231 & answer the questions & activities orally on Pg 232 & 233. Read the Poem “Motor-Cars” on Pg 234

6th Class: Read Flying High: Poem: Mid Term Break Pg 218, “Driving Through Africa” Pg 219-223 & answer the questions orally on Pg 224 & 225. Read “Big Cats” Pg 226-229 & answer the questions orally on Pg 230 & 231

Written Work: Complete 4 pages of Just Handwriting Pg 41-44

Spelling: Complete Spellwell Pg 64-67

Oral Language: CJFallon have given pupils access to the teacher’s online resources. Go to https://www.cjfallon.ie/ and click on Quicklinks, then Rainbow OLP 3rd -6th. Click on the picture of your child’s reader and then choose Unit 10. The children can work their way through the video clips and oral language activities.

Maths: Complete the next 6 pages of Mental Maths Pg 74-79 and the next 2 pages of Tables Champion Pg 39 & 40

Gaeilge: Complete the next 3 pages of Fuaimeanna & Focail Pg 88-90

Music Generation Workshops: Continue to work on the areas Clare has prepared for our class.



If you would like access to this month’s Primary Planet, please click the link below. You can also read back over the magazines since January! There are also 2 other magazines, Newsflash & EIPIC, on this website for free.


Worksheet Activity Pack: Below is a downloadable activity pack with lots of great worksheets! I recommend you print it off and do it together with your siblings and family


Time Capsule Activity Pack: Really nice activity sheets relating to how we are spending our time during Covid-19


Educational Websites


Here are some more educational websites. Take a look at them and encourage your children to try out a few! Be sure they click their class or age grouping.

RTE School Hub:

This is the schedule for the RTE Hub for all classes this week!


Gaeilge: There are games and e-books to read as Gaeilge.



Reading: The Oxford Owl website has great resources to both read and listen to


www.storyberries.com This is a free, online collection of easy-to-read and beautifully illustrated stories, comics and poems for kids. You can select stories by theme & age.

Creative Writing:   The site below provides opportunities for students to write and illustrate their own books


You can continue to complete a selection of the daily topics for May from the link below. Use a copybook to record what you do πŸ˜‰



Maths with Carol Vorderman: www.mathsfactor.com

Great interactive website: https://ie.ixl.com/

SESE: Learn about Science, Geography and History.

National Geographic Kids www.kids.nationalgeographic.com.

Nasa Kids’ Club www.nasa.gov/kidsclub/ Child-friendly resource where kids can learn about science and space.

www.kahoot.com Search from millions of existing games on any topic such as brain teasers, trivia of all sorts, news quizzes and science.

Arts: Learn to program interactive games, stories and animations

Scratch www.scratch.mit.edu

SPHE: Health & Well Being

Remember to keep active too! Try the following websites and work your way through the different levels πŸ™‚

For PE, use the Joe Wick’s β€˜PE with Joe.’ Joe’s workout can be done in the tiniest of places.

https://rtejr.rte.ie/wp-content/blogs.dir/22/files/2018/01/10at10-Episode-1-English.mp4: There are 15 episodes you can work through for the 10 at 10

https://app.gonoodle.com/login Lots of various physical exercises to keep us all active during our time at home πŸ™‚

All Subjects

www.scoilnet.ie Website for resources in all subject areas at all levels. The World Book area is particularly good within which the early learning section has online games and the encyclopaedia section is excellent

www.twinkl.ie There continues to be a free account option for some of their resources


Go to the Resources Section to give you access to Printable Worksheets, Online Games, Interactive Activities in English & Maths as well as a Worksheet Generator.


There are some emoji puzzles here you might enjoy solving as well as lots of other activities for various subject areas.


This is the Dorling Kindersley website which has a wide range of general resources

Learn to Type!!

Why not learn a new skill like typing! This is available free of charge at the link below πŸ™‚


Baking: There are lots of yummy recipes to bake and cook at the link below.


Art & Craft: Take a look and try out some of the creative ideas at the websites below




Please try your best everybody to get the written work done in the books mentioned above and then enjoy exploring some of these great educational programmes and websites. They are there for us all to enjoy! It is important at this time to keep ourselves busy as naturally we all are missing aspects of our life which we have to put on hold for another little while. I miss school and I miss you all and the staff very much. Please get in touch through the school website if and when you need to. Take Care and remember to help out as much as you can at home as your parents are doing so much to keep you all safe and well πŸ™‚

Ms. Wilson

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