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A Busy Spring in the Senior Room!

During spring, the Senior Classroom have been busy with many seasonal and school activities. Have a look at some of the photos of what we have been up to!

In Art, the children engaged in some still life drawing of Snowdrops using oil pastels. The class also explored the art technique of shading using chalk pastels to produce a still life image of a fruit bowl.

From the 13th -16th of March, the school ran wellness week to promote wellness across a variety of areas such as heathy eating, exercise, expressing our individuality, taking time to do actives we enjoy and appreciating nature. The children enjoyed a range of things across the week such as no homework, fruit kebabs & smoothies, a nature walk in the discovery park, extra play time at lunch and a non-uniform day.   

We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and drew some cartoon Leprechauns.

The children also wrote some creative St. Patrick’s Day short stories using the prompts ‘I’m lucky because…’, ‘At the end of the rainbow I found…’ and ‘If I found a pot of gold, I would…’.

To mark Mother’s Day, we made some fabulous paper flower bouquets for the important female figures in our lives.

In March, we explored the genre of report writing in English. The children researched and wrote some fantastic reports about the things they are interested in.

Persuasive writing was also taught in English during Spring. The children wrote some very interesting and persuasive arguments about topics they are passionate about.

In Gaeilge, we learnt the Seanfhocail ‘Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam’. We spoke about the Irish language, its importance and how it can be promoted.

In SESE, Mrs. Joyce explored some fantastic topics with the senior room.

The children spent two weeks learning all about soil, soil profiles, characteristics of different soil types and what ideal soil conditions are for growth. We did two experiments, one looking at the drainage of different soils the children brought in and another to separate the soil into its constituent parts. We found some soils had much better drainage than others. We also saw a lot more grit and gravel in some samples over others. We certainly know why the Farming Forecast on Sundays gives us all that information on soil temperatures and soil saturation!

The senior room also learned all about how the movement of electrons in a circuit creates electricity. They built their own circuits and tried to create an electrical circuit using potatoes. Unfortunately the potatoes were not up to the job!

The children learnt all about France. Each pupil was assigned an area to explore and research in more detail. They presented their information in the form of a mini-project.

In Art, we learnt about famous artist and their work. The children then picked a famous painting and reimaged it as a modern piece of art.  

Finally, in RE we learnt all about the Easter story and in English we wrote some acrostic poems.

Check out our Funky Easter Bunnies. Look how great they look!

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2 Responses to A Busy Spring in the Senior Room!

  1. Susan peavoy says:

    Fantastic work Seniors! I really like all your art work on the walls of your classroom and in the corridor! Well done to Ms. Delaney and Mrs. Joyce for all your work over the past term:)

  2. Susan Power says:

    Seniors you’ve been busy this term! What great work you and your teachers have done ?

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