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Senior Classroom Autumn Activities!

During the past two months, the Senior Classroom have been busy working hard in all subject areas.

In Art, we designed our own names into various shapes and designs. Some of us even made some unusual creatures out of them. Can you spot any of our names?

We learned about the Irish legend “Clann Lir” in History and made our own comic strip storyboard showing the main aspects of the story.

In SPHE, we have been working on the topic of Well Being. The children worked in small groups to design their own motivational posters using words and phrases of encouragement for various aspects of our lives.

We have been reading the novel, Headbomz, by Irish author Oisín McGann in class. While reading this novel, the children have engaged in lots of activities like making predictions as to how they think the story may go.

They also did some paired written work on how to help with various problems or “Headbomz” they were given on activity cards.

In English, we met a new type of word called a Portmanteau, which carries two or more words in it to create a new word. We had fun discovering many portmanteau words like chillax, popsicle, brunch and hangry, to name but a few!

We also enjoyed learning hockey skills and drills with Emmett Hughes from Hockey Ireland each Monday!

The children engaged in some baking too! Everybody had a role to play in making Butterscotch and Chocolate Chip Cookies!

We supported GOAL’S Jersey Day too and enjoyed wearing our jerseys into school to raise money for a great cause!

Our classroom conducted a traffic survey outside our school grounds in support of all the work we have been doing on Data in Maths. In pairs, the children completed tally sheets on the various types of vehicles passing our school as well as their colours. Cars were the most frequent mode of transport recorded and silver was the most popular colour too!

Heritage Expert, Michael Moylan visited our school in October and engaged the children in a very interactive workshop on the Vikings and the Normans. The children learned about the clothing both men and women wore back then as well as the types of weaponry that were used and developed during these times. Michael taught us a lot about Norman Castles and shared some history of Kilkenny Castle with us in this fun and engaging workshop!

The children wrote a report about the workshop and drew pictures of their favourite memories.

Well done 4th, 5th & 6th Class for all your hard work and participation in all class activities during September and October 🙂

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