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The All-Ireland Winners visit Wandesforde NS!

A few members of the Kilkenny team dropped in for a very short visit today, Thursday 8th September, at 2.45 pm.  They had a very busy day, visiting local schools with the Liam McCarthy cup!  Martin Fogarty, a selector for the team introduced the local heroes to us all.  We also got their autograph for all the boys and girls.  Well done Kilkenny, we are very proud of you!!!!

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6 Responses to The All-Ireland Winners visit Wandesforde NS!

  1. Great photos and what excitement! Not sure what created the most excitement though – the visitors or the ‘no homework for a week’. 🙂

  2. Susan Dennehy says:

    Yes Lorna, great excitement in school today! It was lovely to meet some of the team and yes,everybody delighted with having no homework for a week!!

  3. Pearl says:

    I was told there was no school tomorrow! Serena was thrilled… no spelling test! Hurray! My ‘Henrietta Sheflin’ was delighted to meet her idol and told me she even asked him could she go to visit him at his house sometime! She forgot to tell him her daddy is a wexford supporter!

  4. Linda says:

    A great week for the black and amber!! Hadn’t heard about the week off homework, so that’s a great treat for both little hurlers and their Mams!!

  5. Linda says:

    A sad face this afternoon. Unfortunately the week off homework hasn’t happened for everyone, not even a night off so far!!!! We live in hope!

  6. jackie says:

    have to say well done to kilkenny even though i am from tipp.we will be back. great excitement for all the children.thanks

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