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We’re all Blooming at Wandesforde!

The Health Promoting School’s Committee have been busy this term!

To begin with, all the children wrote down one thing they are good at and drew a picture to illustrate it. This was then put together to create a colourful floral display in our school hallway to celebrate all our individual skills and talents!

Our Skills are Definitely Blooming at Wandesforde!

On Friday, 25th May, the Health Promoting School’s Committee organised a Healthy Picnic for the whole school outdoors and the weather didn’t disappoint us!!

The children were treated to fruit smoothies, fruit kebab sticks as well as cheese, tomato & cucumber sticks!

The children really enjoyed eating outdoors and the healthy snacks went down a treat!

Thank you to the committee members for all their input into meetings over the past few months. Thank you also to Mrs. Dooley, Mrs Joyce & Jackie Neale for all their help in preparation for the picnic.

We look forward to more health promoting activities during the next school year!

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3 Responses to We’re all Blooming at Wandesforde!

  1. Bob Murphy says:

    wow we never had fruit kebabs on the lawn in my school – looks cool 🙂

  2. Susan Power says:

    Well done to all the Health Promoting Schools Committee, the picnic was delicous & a great success! 🙂

  3. Davina Wilson says:

    I know Bob! Times have changed and children have more opportunities than ever before 🙂

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