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School Tour Fun for 1st & 2nd Class!

On Thursday, 26th May, Junior Infants to Second Class headed off on tour to The Chocolate Garden and Rathwood. They had so much fun! Here are some lovely photos of the day…

We first listened to Laura talk about how chocolate was made. We watched a video and learned about where cocoa beans are grown. We got to sample lots of chocolate which was really fun!

We then got to make our own frogs and chicks. We had to paint the inside of the moulds with white chocolate and then milk chocolate was poured into the moulds which were then placed in the freezer to set!

Afterwards, we had lunch and hopped on the train for a ride round the forest!

Dennis, our train driver gave us some bread to feed some friends we met along the way!!

We then hit the playground for a few minutes before we had to leave…

The boys and girls were so good on the day! We hope everyone had lots of fun!

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2 Responses to School Tour Fun for 1st & 2nd Class!

  1. Joyce Byrne says:

    Fantastic photos of a fantastic tour.
    Well done making your chocolate frogs.
    And such fun in the playground!!

  2. Kelly Morrissey says:

    Amazing pictures all .
    Glad ya all had a lovely day

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