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Junior & Senior Infants on Tour!

On Friday, 27th May, Junior & Senior Infants as well as 1st & 2nd Class went on their annual school tour to Rathwood in Tullow, Co. Carlow.

On arrival at Rathwood in Tullow, we climbed aboard the forest train and were brought through Rath Forest.

On our way, we saw deer, ponies, geese and ducks. We all got to feed bread to the ducks & geese as well as their babies!

After a short break, we then went to The Chocolate Garden to become chocolatiers for the day!!

We first painted white chocolate onto the plastic mould.

We then were given some gold flakes to sprinkle around the mould!

After that milk chocolate was poured into the moulds and we then had to turn the mould repeatedly until all the chocolate had spread around the mould.

The result of all our hard work- Chocolate Kilkenny Cats!!

After lunch, we visited the Woodlands Falconry, which was a real treat for the children. We got to see lots of owls as well as hawks!

The children really enjoyed the opportunity to hold and pet the owls, in particular the baby owl!

The children also got to see the hawk flying as well as performing various hunting skills!

It was a great school tour which was enjoyed by the children and teachers alike!!

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3 Responses to Junior & Senior Infants on Tour!

  1. Lovely photos and it was a lovely outing, my 2 thoroughly enjoyed it, a great idea to split the different age groups (and I think it was the first time I wasn’t anxious when they were heading off!!)

    • Davina Wilson says:

      I really enjoyed it too! Would definitely go back again with the school sometime. Also would love to go back over the summer holidays to explore the garden centre and gift shop!

  2. olga kerr says:

    Kids thought it was”the best tour ever” !

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