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Wonderful Work this Winter in the Senior Classroom!

Although the past two months have passed so quickly, the Senior Classroom have been working hard in all subject areas. In preparation for our Annual Design a Christmas Card Fundraiser, the children designed some very creative Christmas Cards.

Didn’t they do a fantastic job!

We welcomed Heritage Expert, Francesca Callaghan to our school in November and enjoyed participating in her workshop about children in Medieval Ireland.

The children designed their own Family Crest in response to what they had learned from Francesca.

In History, the children explored the lives of the Aztec People in the 15th and early 16th centuries. They designed their own Aztec Suns in response to all they had learned about their culture

The whole classroom have been reading the novel, Wildflower Girl by Marita Conlan-McKenna. This novel explores the Famine Period in Ireland as well as its impact on the lives of Irish families. The theme of emigration is also explored.

In Literacy, the children worked well at researching vocabulary they met in the novel

They also drew some very good predictions of what they thought might happen some of the characters in the novel.

In Gaeilge, we looked at the topic of “An Scoil” and learned lots of vocabulary and phrases relating to the topic. The children wrote their own passage in Irish about their school and drew lovely pictures of our school too!

The children drew their own creative cartoon animals in Art.

In Music, the children engaged in a Listening & Responding Worksheet Activity whereby they had to answer questions based on the music they listened to, as well as draw a picture of what they feel the music portrays.

The piece of music we listened to was Tortoises from Carnival of the Animals, a musical suite of 14 movements, by French Composer, Camille Saint-Saens.

In Art, the children created their own “Snowmen at Night” drawings using chalk. They explored the element of value in art which refers to the light and dark in artwork.

In preparation for Christmas, we all worked collaboratively to create our own Class Christmas Tree Display

The children created their own nativity scene using lollipop sticks.

Christmas decorations were also made for our homes.

We wore our Christmas jumpers to school just before the holidays and performed our Christmas songs for the Wandesforde School Christmas Performance! We hope you enjoyed it 🙂

On the final day of school, we played some cooperative games together and enjoyed pulling a few Christmas crackers with our classmates!!

Well done Senior Classes for all your hard work during a very busy term.

Happy Christmas Everybody! Enjoy your well deserved break and we will see you all in 2022!!

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4 Responses to Wonderful Work this Winter in the Senior Classroom!

  1. Susan Peavoy says:

    Great work Seniors! I really love your snowmen and the Christmas tree you made collaboratively.I hope you are all enjoying the well deserved rest!

  2. Joyce Byrne says:

    Well done Seniors.. some amazing work done last term. Your chalk drawings showing light and shade/ shadow are excellent.

  3. Edna Wakely says:

    Wow, what fabulous creative artwork – beautiful Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, Nativity scenes etc – I am full of admiration for all that you have achieved. Well done to everyone.

  4. Susan Power says:

    Wow Seniors, you’ve been busy! Love all the fab Christmas art!

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