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“The Willow Pattern”

In 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class, we read a story called “The Story of the Willow Pattern” by Allan Drummond.  It is a story of a rich girl called Koong-Shee who lived in China and fell in love with a poor boy called Chang.  Her father was not very happy so they ran away.  Do you have any dishes or plates with the willow pattern on it? If so, have a look and see if you can spot the willow tree, a bridge, a boat, a pagoda (or palace) and two doves in the sky.  The story of Koong-Shee and Chang running away can be seen on the plates…

We designed our own Willow Plates in Art using blue paint on a white background.

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4 Responses to “The Willow Pattern”

  1. I enjoyed learning about the willow pattern story .I enjoyed drawing and painting the
    story on a paper plate.

  2. I found that it is very interesting and the best part was when we heard about the daughter running away with the servant.

  3. The children really enjoyed typing up their own comments.
    Brian and I had never heard the willow story and the children enjoyed telling us all about it on Tuesday. A lovely activity too. We have lots of willow patterned crockery in the attic that will be coming out during the summer as we complete some decorating.

  4. olga kerr says:

    Just found some willow pattern plates in my inlaws house and never noticed before the design!!Very interesting and Ashley really loved the story and the plates they got to design and paint!! Great art everyone!! Well done

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