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Sports Day 2020!

It’s that time of the summer term again……Sports Day is here! Obviously we can’t have our normal one this year but we would like to encourage everyone to get out and complete some fun, physical activities and do your own Sports Day at home.

Remember to include parents and any older or younger brothers and sisters who are at home with you! If you take some photos and send them to the school email I’ll upload them to a blog and you can see what your friends and classmates got up to! (Please try and send them in by Monday 22nd June & I’ll do a post that week)

Here are some ideas you might like to try and feel free to come up with your own ones too……………..

Traditional races we do each year like sprints, hurdles, sack race, (Ms Joyce has been practicing this one!) three legged race & egg and spoon race (hard boil the eggs first to avoid a total mess!! or use potatoes instead)

Some alternative ideas could include balloon tennis, make a racket using paper plate you decorate and attach to a twig from the garden, ruler or anything else you can think of to make a handle.

Make an obstacle course/target practice using chalk outside.

Make skittles from items going in the recycling bin. Yoghurt cartons, cans and bottles are all good!

Have a tug of war, parents vs. kids, boys vs. girls etc

Water races are fun on warm days, set up 2 buckets, jugs or any containers with the same amount of water in each. 10-20 meters away set up 2 more containers. There are 2 teams, give each team a set time 1 min., 2 mins. etc to see which team can get the most water from the 1st container into the 2nd using a sponge.

Time Challenges: How long can you balance on one leg for? How many burpees can you do in one minute? How many keepie upies can you do? (Ms Byrne has been practicing this one with a hurl and toilet paper!) How many jumping jacks can you do in 30 seconds? How many bunny hops can you do in 30 seconds? How many times can you pass a ball around your knees/ankles in figure of 8 in a minute?

Activity Challenge.

Get a bucket, basket or tub to catch a ball. Then get a ball, tennis or football (or toilet rolls if you don’t have a ball).

Mark out where you are going to throw from, 1 metre away from the bucket, 1.5 metres, and so on.

Start at the marker closest to the bucket/basket.You have three lives.  So when you miss three your turn is over and someone else gets a try.  See how many markers you can pass in your lives.  When you return for your next turn you start from the last one you were on.  Have some fun!

The teachers are going to complete some of these challenges too, we’ll post our pictures when you send us yours………let’s see who does best, teachers or kids!!!!

These are just a few ideas I’m sure you will have lots more! Enjoy some fun in the sun and don’t forget it’s a Wandesforde tradition to have ice cream after all the sporting activities!

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