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Senior Room Activities this Autumn!!

During September, the Senior Classroom, paid a visit to our local library to select some books to bring back to our classroom library.

The children engaged in many activities which required teamwork. Below they had a task of making a tower stand as high as they could design it, with sheets of paper & paper clips.

The winning team below!!

In English, the children recalled their summer holidays in poetry format. They did both diamante & acrostic poems!

In SPHE, the children designed their own arm with lots of pictures & details to show what makes each of them unique!

The children really enjoyed drawing a portrait of a member of their class in Art. 

Can you figure out who is who?In History, the children enjoyed learning about Greek Myths and Legends and they drew a cartoon strip of the Greek Myth, “King Midas”
During the month of September, the children discussed the importance of Road Safety and drew their own safety message in response to all that they had learned.

The children engaged very well in the strand Data in Maths and they enjoyed collecting information from their classmates and representing their results on a bar chart using graph paper

During October, the children made their own tree silhouettes using autumnal colours

The children also enjoyed learning the craft of basket making during their workshop with Heritage Specialist, Paul Finch.

Take a look at some of their creations below

In preparation for Halloween, the children designed their own Halloween Mask entry for a school competition 
The children have been working very hard on their Oral Irish over the past 2 months and they produced their own factfile “as Gaeilge ” to reinforce all the phrases they have learned.

The children were introduced to the technique of Pointillism by their teacher, Ms. Druhan during October. This required them to apply small, distinct dots of colour in patterns to an image. Didn’t they create a beautiful autumn tree collage using this technique?

Before the Halloween Holidays, the children enjoyed making their own Monster Pom Poms using fabric and fibre.

They also enjoyed making some cupcakes with a spooky surprise  inside

( melted Rolo sweet!)

Finally on the last day of school, the children once again dressed up in their frightful, Halloween costumes!

Well done Senior Room on all your hard work and creativity during the first 2 months of school 🙂


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3 Responses to Senior Room Activities this Autumn!!

  1. RainRain says:

    Tons of great work … well done everyone 🙂

  2. Susan Peavoy says:

    Great work Seniors! Well done, you had a very busy Autumn indeed!

  3. Susan Power says:

    Well done seniors, your pointillism paintings were very bright & colourful in the corridor!

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