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More School Tour Fun and Photos!

As you all know,  1st and 2nd class went on their school tour on Friday, 27th May.  We all had such a wonderful day, from start to finish.  Quite a few children in 1st and 2nd class said “It was the best school tour ever!”….which has to be a good sign!  Have a look at our photos from the day…

All aboard!

We really enjoyed the train ride around Rath Forest and saw lots of species of trees and flowers.  We even spotted a tiny river running through the forest and lots of minibeasts in their natural habitats..

Lunch time!

Everyone really enjoyed the visit to “The Chocolate Garden”.  We painted some features of our cats white, such as their eyes and paws, then the moulds were filled with milk chocolate and they had to set.  We were really lucky, as we got to keep the moulds to make another cat at home!

We saw some of the other chocolate products on sale in “The Chocolate Garden”.  A giant egg….delicious!

And a football made of chocolate!

Finally we saw a Harris Hawk fly.  This bird of prey is extremely fast and can swoop down and catch a mouse or rabbit from high in the sky.  Here, he is happily perched on his rest!

The boys and girls in 1st and 2nd were very brave as they held “Cupid” the Owl!

This owl is called “Gizmo”….

We had a wonderful day!

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2 Responses to More School Tour Fun and Photos!

  1. What a lovely set of photos, my 2 thoroughly enjoyed it, a a really nice day out (and the chocolate was yummy!)

  2. olga kerr says:

    Fantastic pictures of the tour.The kids really had a brillint tour and yes the chocolate was really yum!!

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