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Projects, Projects, Projects!

Over the past number of weeks, the 3rd Class pupils have been working EXTREMELY hard on projects!  Each pupil chose a topic that they had an interest in and also wanted to learn more about.  After weeks of researching, editing, typing and sticking, the projects were finally ready to present to the class.  The boys chose Henry Shefflin, Ford Tractors and Boxer Dogs as their research topics.  The girls chose Baking, Arctic Animals, Horses and The Royal Family as their topics.  They all did a wonderful job presenting them to the class.  Well done boys and girls!  You should all be very proud of your efforts!

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3 Responses to Projects, Projects, Projects!

  1. Lorna says:

    Lovely to see such a smiling bunch of happy third class, all so proud of their work. Well done to all of them. We’re all very proud of Kate and her brilliant project and she’s very happy with her result and the report you wrote 🙂

    The book sale is a great idea, I’ll bring in some adult books or do you want them before 22nd?

  2. Susan Dennehy says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment Lorna. I’m so proud of all the 3rd class. They worked so hard and presented the projects in a knowledgeable and confident way. You can drop in the books anytime to me. Thanks! I appreciate that:)

    • Lorna says:

      I donated lots to the Green Road school before Xmas but have some left that I’m happy to donate. Looking forward to buying some new ones too 🙂

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