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History comes to life!

On Tuesday, 29th May, the children from 2nd-6th class visited the library for a talk on the “Titanic” by historian Michael Moylan.  It was a fantastic way to learn more about this topic, which has been covered by teachers over the past few weeks.  Michael engaged the children in dressing up and told us all about the Titanic in an interactive, fun-filled way!  Here are some photos….

First Michael told us how the ship was divided into 3 classes: first, second and third class.  The clothes in the different classes varied greatly in colour and grandeur as you can see from the children who modelled them!

The third class passengers…

The second class passengers….

And the first class passengers….

We then had a look at the uniforms worn by staff on the ship.  There were servants, sailors, officers and of course the captain’s uniform.

Michael also demonstrated how the propellers on the ship worked.  He made a model of the Titanic for all the children to look at.  Did you know that three of the funnels were working funnels and the fourth one was just for show?

Thank you Michael for a fascinating history lesson.  We really enjoyed it!

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  1. Lorna says:

    I think the dressing up was particularly enjoyed. The kids said he made everything really funny too, even the death of one person being squashed during the building of the ship 🙂

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