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Firefighters Visit Wandesforde NS!

On Friday, 20th April 2012, firefighters from Kilkenny Fire Service visited the pupils in 2nd and 3rd Class, as part of the SPHE curriculum in conjunction with local Fire Stations.  3 officers, Philip, Richie and Willie spoke to the pupils about fire safety in the home.  The children had to complete a worksheet where they had to identify hazards in the home.  The officers also spoke about smoke alarms, calling emergency services and also what to do if they were in a dangerous situation.  We have planned a trip to the local fire station on 3rd May and the children are really looking forward to seeing how the station operates!  Here are some photos…

Thank you to Philip, Willie and Richie for visiting us in school!

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  1. Anna says:

    Jessie really enjoyed both the visit from the firefighters to the school and the trip to the fire station.

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