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March Madness in the Junior Classroom!

Another month has come and gone and the Junior Classroom have been hard at work once again in all subject areas. It’s been a month of celebrations too with St. Patrick’s Day, Mothering Sunday and also all the Easter Preparations!

We started off the month by making Easter Cards for our penpals in Finland. They needed to be done early so that they would get to them in time for their Easter Break!

This month we’ve focused on doing paired work in many subject areas!

In P.E. we did simple paired orienteering activities whereby the children had to explore and investigate the area around them and record the information they found on a worksheet.

The children also made their own St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Sheet in pairs and then the whole class played Bingo together which is always great fun!!

In Art the children “Took a line for a walk in a Shamrock” to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

In SESE, the children learned the names of many garden and Spring flowers. In support of all that they learned, they made a beautiful Spring bouquet which they brought home as another gift for Mothering Sunday!

For Mothering Sunday, the children made some chocolate hearts together which they wrapped up in tin foil and put inside their  colourful teacup cards! We also put a teabag inside as what’s a teacup without a teabag! 🙂


In preparation for Book Week, the children made their own spaceships out of paper plates to show you the places and people they like to visit in stories.

We think “Reading is out of this World!”

Ms. Power and the Green School’s Committee put our drawing to the test in a Whole School Drawing Competition on Transport!

Didn’t they do a great job drawing their favourite form of transport!

In Religion, the children drew pictures for the Bishop’s Annual Poster Competition on the theme of “Travelling in the Bible”

Before our Easter Holidays, we worked with clay to make our very own Egg Cups!

Finally and most importantly, we got to make & decorate our Easter Cupcakes and Basket for our Easter Treats!!

Well done Junior Classroom on such great work during a very, very busy month!

Happy Easter Everybody! 🙂

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2 Responses to March Madness in the Junior Classroom!

  1. Susan Peavoy says:

    Great work Junior and Senior Infants and Ms. Wilson! Your egg cups are fantastic! Very colourful indeed:)

  2. Susan Power says:

    Fantastic work everyone! Your flower bouquets are lovely! 🙂

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