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The New Year has started off well in the Junior Room!

The Junior Classroom have had lots of fun during the first month of 2012. To start off the new year we made our own New Year’s Resolutions!

In SESE, we have been learning all about the colours of a rainbow so we made our own colourful “Rainbow Clouds”

We then experimented with white light to show how it is made up of all the colours of the rainbow.

The children had great fun making “Colour Wheel Spinners” to show that when all the colours of the rainbow are blended together they will create white light too!!


Toys have been a central theme for us in many subject areas this month. We learned a lot about the toys from long ago. Take a look at what roller skates used to look like!

We made our own toys too! Look at our pinwheels and paper helicopters below.

We had great fun watching them spin around in the air!

Finally on the 26th January, we celebrated Australia Day with our classmates. We learned all the names of Australian animals like the possum and wombat and of course we learned sbout snakes!

Have a look at our slithering sss…snakes!

The children also enjoyed learning about Aboriginal Art in Australia which inspired us to make our own dot patterns of our handprints using cotton buds! Didn’t the children do a fantastic job in their appreciation of Aboriginal Art and Culture!

To finish the month on a high note, the children learned the words of the well known Australian song “Waltzing Matilda”. They were, as always, very enthusiastic singers and so they performed the song over the phone to Ms Wilson’s brother in Australia! They really enjoyed hearing their recorded performance and of course getting a message back from Australia saying how great they were!!



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