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November has been busy in the Junior Classroom!

The Junior Room experimented with papier mache this November and made our own homemade maracas out of yoghurt cartons. Have a look at all the hard work we did with paper and wallpaper paste!!

Here are our painted maracas in action!


 In Maths, we made a Class Calendar for the Junior Classroom. Each child was given a month to draw a picture on and then we marked all our birthdays in on our very own calendar! It was great fun to do and the end result looks fantastic! Here are some photographs of the calendar for the next 2 months!



The children also learned about Healthy Eating in SESE. We decorated our own fruit and vegetables using pieces of magazines. We learned lots of interesting facts about Fruit and Vegetables too. Did you know that tomatoes and peppers are actually fruit and not vegetables!!

We also integrated Maths into our work on Fruit & Vegetables. We made our own Bar Charts displaying the preferred fruit & vegetables of the children in our classroom! Here are the results: carrots are the favourite vegetable and apples and grapes are the favourite fruit!!


In art, we looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “A Starry Night” and we learned some interesting facts about his work. The children really enjoyed using new metallic colouring pencils to colour their own drawing of his painting on black sugar paper. Have a look at the children’s fantastic drawings!


 The children also learned lots of new letters and words in English. The letter “p” inspired us all to make our own mini pizzas. We chose fruit & vegetables to put on our own pizzas and of course we had great fun eating them!





As it’s the first month of Winter, the children had to get started on something cool in SESE!!We learned about the history & culture of the Inuit People and so we designed our own parka for an eskimo!




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5 Responses to November has been busy in the Junior Classroom!

  1. Susan Dennehy says:

    Well done to all the boys and girls in the junior room! You have been very busy. I really like your Starry Night pictures and the class calendar is a lovely idea 🙂

  2. Well done to Ms. Wilson and the junior room. you have all been very busy. Savannah really enjoyed making the pizza (and eating it too).

  3. Davina says:

    Thanks Linda for your lovely comment. The children really enjoyed creating their own pizzas and of course eating them!

  4. Lorna says:

    Wow, these are fabulous pictures. I really wish I was 6 again! Love the way the Maths and Art and the different subjects are integrated so well to make learning fun. Lovely too seeing what the children are up to as I find they say so little about what happens in school 🙂
    When I was on the BOM and PA I used to enjoy seeing the displays when I’d be popping in for meeting but will enjoy seeing them at the Xmas party

  5. Davina says:

    Thanks Lorna for your lovely comment-we’ll have all our work up for the Christmas party which is fast approaching!!

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