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Junior Classroom

On Tuesday, 28th March, a local historian, Michael Moylan visited Junior & Senior Infants as part of Book Week in the school. The children were told many stories, most notably, the story of Cúchulainn. The opportunity to dress up in costume from various historical eras was a highlight of the day for the children!

The boys dressed up as soldiers and pirates!

 The girls were dressed as ladies in beautiful dresses and of course hats!

The children really enjoyed this interactive history workshop of storytelling and costume. Here are more photos to show off their costumes!

An Irish soldier!

An Egyptian Princess!

A Japanese Princess!

A Fair Lady!

A Country Girl!

A Pirate!

At the end of the session, the children were allowed to wear their costumes back to their classroom for the rest of the Infant Day! This was a real treat and the costumes really made a difference to how hard the children worked! It was great fun and definitely something the children would love to do again!

A Very Different Infant Classroom!

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  1. A fabulous post, the costumes are all great – a great way to bring fun to lessons as well as bringing history to life. I know the Middle classroom really enjoyed learning about the Normans from the historian too.

  2. olga kerr says:

    Brilliant costumes,lookes like so much fun!I know sofia loved dressing up as the japanese princess.Great fun way to learn

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