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June Activities in 2nd & 3rd Class!

June has been a hectic, but productive month in 2nd and 3rd class!  We have crammed a lot of fun activities into our schedule to make it an enjoyable month for all the pupils!  In a Visual Arts lesson, we got to tie-dye our own t-shirts and bandanas.  Here is a photo of the children modelling their gear!

We also made Father’s Day Trophies for our wonderful Dads!  We hope you liked them on the day and have them on show in your houses for all to see!

In Science and Geography, we learned about the solar system, space, the sun, moon and the planets.  The children drew wonderful pictures of space using metallic colouring pencils.

In History we learned about the Olympics and also about London.  We looked at pictures of various sights around London and drew pictures of many of the sports that will be featured in the Olympic Games this year!

In English, we wrote about our school tour and created little booklets about all the activities we did on the day.

We also learned about Mosaics in History and completed our own dolphin mosaics using tiny pieces of very hard, shiny plastic.  These measured only 1/2 centimetre square so the children had to be meticulous in their efforts!

We hope everyone has a really enjoyable Summer!

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4 Responses to June Activities in 2nd & 3rd Class!

  1. Lorna Sixsmith says:

    Hope the teachers do too. Brian loved his trophies :). The T-shirts are great, W and K have worn them lots already

  2. Lorna Sixsmith says:

    I really enjoyed drawing and learning about the solar system. Making the mosaic dolphins was really fun. I learned a lot about the Olympics. I can’t wait to watch it this year. Doing the tie dying was really cool. Will.

  3. Susan Power says:

    Well done to 2nd and 3rd class, the art work is fabulous! Love the mosaic dolphins and tie-dye t-shirts and bandanas!

  4. Susan Dennehy says:

    Thank you everybody for your comments! I hope the sun shines so we can wear the bandanas!!

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