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January & February in the Senior Classroom!

The past 2 months have been very busy in the Senior Classroom! To celebrate the New Year, the children made their own 2020 Resolution Mobiles.

In English, they also wrote an Acrostic Poem on words to do with the New Year!

The children studied many areas in the SESE subjects. They explored the topic of the Vikings and practised their letter writing skills when they wrote letters back to their families in Scandinavia!

They also designed their own Viking Rune Stones!

The children continue to engage in song-singing lessons with Clare in Music Generation.

In English, the children studied the poem “The Spider and the Fly” by Mary Howitt and wrote their own summary of the poem.

8 members of our class participated in the Credit Union Quiz. Congratulations to the Under 13 team above, who came 3rd in their age category!

Our Under 11 Team above came 2nd in the competition and received a plaque as well as monetary vouchers for all their hard work! Big congratulations to you all!

The children have been learning about Proverbs in English. They designed their own pictures to illustrate some much-used proverbs!

Didn’t they do a fantastic job!

In SPHE, the children explored the topic of Healthy Eating and created their own Food Pyramids with foods they enjoy eating 🙂

We welcomed 3 baby chicks at Wandesforde with the Nore Valley Incubation Project!

All classrooms had to name a chick. Their names are Rosie, Bubbles and Chirpy!

In Gaeilge, the children have been working tirelessly on the Aimsir Fháistineach and in support of this, they wrote their own sentences on various verbs they have been learning.

The class enjoyed participating in the History workshop conducted by Heritage Expert, Michael Moylan, on the 1916 Rising, The Irish Civil War and World War 1. Below are some photographs to give you a taste of their history workshop!

In Art, the children constructed their own type of home using cereal boxes and other recyclable materials.

The whole school enjoyed the Pancake Party on Tuesday, 25th February. Thank you to Mrs Dooley, who once again prepared all the pancakes and to 6th Class for waiting the tables!

In Maths, the children have been learning lots of interesting details about lines and angles. In support of all this work, the children made their own lines and angles using lollipop sticks!

In Art, the children created their own pictures for the Texaco Art Competition. Below are photos of some of their entries!

Finally, we celebrated Valentine’s Day on the 14th February. The children designed their own Valentine’s Day Cards and created their own “Warm Hearts” too 🙂

Well done to all the children for all their hard work during the first 2 months of 2020!

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