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Happy Halloween from the Senior Classroom!

By now we are well settled back to life in school. During October the Senior Classroom worked very hard and produced some great work!

In Music, the children have been focusing on musical theory and have learned the names for musical notes as well as other Italian musical terms used in Music. They also engaged in some listening and responding activities in Music and used their knowledge of musical theory learned.

The children took a “Line for a Walk” in Art and explored the work of the artist, Paul Klee.

In Gaeilge, the children continue to learn lots of new vocabulary and are learning lots of new phrases too. They learned the phrase “Nuair a fhásaim suas, ba mhaith liom a bheith i mo…” which means “When I grow up, I would like to be a …” and they drew illustrations of their future career path!

During the month, we explored the topic of Ancient China in SESE and learned lots of interesting facts about the various dynasties that ruled China. The Han Dynasty was one such dynasty and we designed our own vases in support of all they did for arts and culture in China.

In English, we looked at the poem, The Marrog by R.C Scriven and identified its effective use of adjectives. The children then drew pictures of what they imagined the “Marrog” looked like from this descriptive poem.

In preparation for Halloween, the children wrote their own Halloween Acrostic Poem

They also wrote their own Spooky Stories which were quite terrifying to listen to!!

In Art, the children created their own Haunted House Scene using oil pastels. Didn’t they do a great job!

They also designed their own Halloween costume for the Folens Halloween Competition

Finally on the day of our Halloween Holidays, the children dressed up in their Halloween costumes and had a mini party/disco with their classmates to mark the start of our Mid Term Break!

Well done 5th & 6th Class on a great month’s work. Enjoy your Mid Term Break and be sure to have a Happy Halloween Everybody!

Category Blog, Class Work, English, Geography, Hallowe'en, History, Irish, Music, Our Work on Display, Senior Classroom, Visual Arts |

3 Responses to Happy Halloween from the Senior Classroom!

  1. Susan Peavoy says:

    Well done on all your work Seniors! I really like your Haunted House Scenes. They look really effective on the wall! Enjoy the rest of your break:)

  2. Michele Morris says:

    Looks like a really busy month.
    Great Halloween outfits. Well done

  3. Susan Power says:

    Great work seniors! I really liked the vases you designed relating to China, I remember teaching about the Han and Qin dynasties when I was in the Senior room, a really interesting topic!

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