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Autumn Activities in 2nd & 3rd Class

We have been very busy in 2nd and 3rd class completing lots of exciting things, some revolving around the theme of Autumn.  Have a look at our photos…

We made Autumn Frames using cardboard and tiny woodchips.  The children then decorated the frames with Autumn Leaves.

We learned a poem called “Duilleoga Deasa” in Irish and completed a collage of Autumn leaves in various colours.

In Science, the children were divided into groups and given a bird to research.  They were looking for information on the internet and in our class library and then recorded their findings.  We learned lots about the magpie, the robin, the thrush, the swallow and the owl.  Here is a picture of our mini-project on our class wall.

In Maths, we completed a traffic survey just outside the school grounds.  We recorded our results on a giant graph in our classroom.  The children were disappointed that not many tractors passed the school!

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2 Responses to Autumn Activities in 2nd & 3rd Class

  1. Lorna says:

    Wow, it is lovely to see all the work done and done so imaginatively and creatively too – what a fabulous way to learn. Really makes me want to be 7 again (if I could skip the teenage years of course!)
    All so colourful too, the children have just been pointing out to me what they coloured and what they researched etc. Unusual indeed for so few tractors to be travelling up through Castlecomer – the Booth Brothers must have been having a day off 🙂
    The framed photos will be lovely momentos too and look great. Thank you for posting this – it is lovely to see.

  2. Davina says:

    Well done 2nd & 3rd Class-I really like your photo frames! You all have done a lot of research on birds and I like all your projects on them-keep up the great work!

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