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A visit to the Fire Station!

The children in 2nd and 3rd Class along with teachers Ms.O Brien, Mrs. Dooley, Ms. Cobbe and myself went to visit the local fire station on Thursday 3rd May to learn more about the work of a station and the firefighters who work there.  It was a fantastic trip, both for children and teachers and we learned so much.

Willie and Philip greeted us and the first thing to do was have a brief chat in the meeting room…

The children saw the area where the firefighters had to get changed into their gear.  Philip told us that they can get their fireproof gear on in less than 2 minutes…The children were allowed to lift the gear and it was pretty heavy!  They have to wear gloves, special trousers, a jacket, steel toe boots, a hoody that ensures their ears are protected and a helmet.  They then have to face a fire, which of course is very hot, wearing all this gear!

We also got a chance to see the equipment that is in a fire engine.  They had saws, brushes, hoses, generators, ladders, air tanks and so many other things!

The children got the opportunity to see how the firefighters saw through a car if they need to.  We had to stand back as they demonstrated this…

The most enjoyable part was sitting in the fire engine.  Here are some nice photos…..

Philip, Willie and the team do a wonderful job serving the local community. We had a great day!


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2 Responses to A visit to the Fire Station!

  1. Lorna says:

    Great photos, Susan, my 2 came home buzzing about it – thoroughly enjoyed it. We now have stickers with ‘escape route’ on them on all the exterior doors 🙂

  2. Davina says:

    The Fire Station is a great visit for the children! Looks like they really enjoyed their trip!

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