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We have lovely bright classrooms and we regularly display the children’s work for parents and visitors to look at. As you can see from the blog posts, we are a busy school, learning lots of new and exciting things every day.

Welcome Back To School From 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class!

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It is great to be back in school after almost 6 months off! We have been getting to know each other once again and getting back into school life with lots of revision and catching up… The children told me all about what has been a strange Summer break in a writing exercise…

We also wrote about ourselves in English in these hot air balloons…

In History, we created “Personal Timelines” with details of key milestones in our lives and our hopes for various personal events in the future…

We also read about “The Brown Bull of Cooley” and depicted our understanding of the story in cartoon format….

In Science, we learned about “The Body: The Inside” and learned all about organs, their functions, bones, our senses and our teeth. We had fun completing an experiment using eggs. Egg shells are made from the same material that teeth are so we investigated which drinks were best for our teeth. We hard-boiled 5 eggs and placed them in various cups filled with water, milk, orange juice, cola and diet cola. We left the eggs for a week and predicted what would happen…Our experiment concluded that water was the best option for our teeth! Most of the other drinks, stained the egg or eroded the surface of the egg because of the sugar content in the drinks. Here are some pictures of our experiment…

In Gaeilge, we focused on the topic of “Mé Féin” and made bunting with details of our favourite food, subjects and hobbies…

In Visual Arts, we created “Silhouettes” filled with pictures that show that we are all unique and special in our own way…

We also painted some pictures…….

We have also been busy discussing the topic of “Autumn” in most subject areas. We wrote acrostic poems…

We also created “An Autumnal Scene” using paint and glittery sequins…

We also created Autumn Scenes using warm and cool colours….

Well done on a great month’s work boys and girls!

Date posted: 6th October 2020 | Category Blog, English, History, Irish, Middle Classroom, Science, Visual Arts |

A Fond Farewell to a Fantastic Sixth Class!

Date posted: 9th July 2020 | Category Blog, Senior Classroom |

On Wednesday, 1st July 2020, members of Sixth Class were invited back to our school grounds to meet with their teachers and to receive their well-deserved Graduation Pack.

2020 will be a year to remember for us all and a year in which we all worked together to keep ourselves safe and well. As a result of this, Sixth Class were awarded a “Class of 2020” hoody to recognise the work they did, the sacrifices they made and the opportunities they missed in their final term of primary school. We wish them all the very best as they move on to Secondary School and thank them for all their hard work during their time at Wandesforde!

Well done to Grainne Lalor and Malachi Burke who both received an award from the school for “Best Overall Achiever” in 2019/2020 school year!

Below are photographs of Sixth Class at their graduation with some of their family members.

Congratulations to you all! Enjoy your summer break and remember you are always welcome to pop back and visit us all at Wandesforde 🙂

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Some Memories of our 6th Class of 2020!

Date posted: 30th June 2020 | Category Blog, Senior Classroom |

I have created a short video clip of some photo memories of your time at Wandesforde! Not all photos are as clear as I would like but you will hopefully recognise faces. Thank you for being such a wonderful class during your time at Wandesforde. You will be sadly missed by us all. Ms Wilson 🙂

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Sports Day 2020!

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It’s that time of the summer term again……Sports Day is here! Obviously we can’t have our normal one this year but we would like to encourage everyone to get out and complete some fun, physical activities and do your own Sports Day at home.

Remember to include parents and any older or younger brothers and sisters who are at home with you! If you take some photos and send them to the school email I’ll upload them to a blog and you can see what your friends and classmates got up to! (Please try and send them in by Monday 22nd June & I’ll do a post that week)

Here are some ideas you might like to try and feel free to come up with your own ones too……………..

Traditional races we do each year like sprints, hurdles, sack race, (Ms Joyce has been practicing this one!) three legged race & egg and spoon race (hard boil the eggs first to avoid a total mess!! or use potatoes instead)

Some alternative ideas could include balloon tennis, make a racket using paper plate you decorate and attach to a twig from the garden, ruler or anything else you can think of to make a handle.

Make an obstacle course/target practice using chalk outside.

Make skittles from items going in the recycling bin. Yoghurt cartons, cans and bottles are all good!

Have a tug of war, parents vs. kids, boys vs. girls etc

Water races are fun on warm days, set up 2 buckets, jugs or any containers with the same amount of water in each. 10-20 meters away set up 2 more containers. There are 2 teams, give each team a set time 1 min., 2 mins. etc to see which team can get the most water from the 1st container into the 2nd using a sponge.

Time Challenges: How long can you balance on one leg for? How many burpees can you do in one minute? How many keepie upies can you do? (Ms Byrne has been practicing this one with a hurl and toilet paper!) How many jumping jacks can you do in 30 seconds? How many bunny hops can you do in 30 seconds? How many times can you pass a ball around your knees/ankles in figure of 8 in a minute?

Activity Challenge.

Get a bucket, basket or tub to catch a ball. Then get a ball, tennis or football (or toilet rolls if you don’t have a ball).

Mark out where you are going to throw from, 1 metre away from the bucket, 1.5 metres, and so on.

Start at the marker closest to the bucket/basket.You have three lives.  So when you miss three your turn is over and someone else gets a try.  See how many markers you can pass in your lives.  When you return for your next turn you start from the last one you were on.  Have some fun!

The teachers are going to complete some of these challenges too, we’ll post our pictures when you send us yours………let’s see who does best, teachers or kids!!!!

These are just a few ideas I’m sure you will have lots more! Enjoy some fun in the sun and don’t forget it’s a Wandesforde tradition to have ice cream after all the sporting activities!

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Hi again to Junior and Senior Infants!

Date posted: 6th May 2020 | Category Blog, Junior Classroom |

Hello again girls and boys. I hope you are all keeping well and safe at home. I am well and when the sun is shining I go out walking and cycling, it’s nice to get some fresh air and exercise. I hope you are getting out too and enjoying the sunshine!. Unfortunately we won’t get back before the summer holidays but I am looking forward to seeing you all again, the next time I see you, you will be Senior Infants and First Class!! Thank you to those who have sent me emails, I really enjoyed hearing how you are doing and seeing all the work you have done 🙂


I hope you are all well, I’ve put together some work for the next fortnight for the children to complete. As before there’s no pressure to do it all but phonics and reading are the priority for the children to work on if possible. Also as before you can send pictures of any work or learning (from books and outdoor activities) to and I’ll get back to you. Thank you to those who have been in touch, it’s been lovely to see how the children are doing. In the meantime take care and stay safe.



Junior infants –

Learn 3 new sounds ue, er & ar. Work on each sound for 2-3 days before moving onto the next one. The children can do pages 74, 75, 76, 77 in their Just Phonics Books and practice writing the letters. They can also look up Geraldine the Giraffe on Yotube and Jolly Phonics jingles as last month and practice writing simple words using the sounds we have learned to date. Please if at all possible keep going over sounds learned and practice blending them together, there are examples of words at the bottom of the pages but feel free to make up more examples.

They can also play some games like ‘I Spy’ using sounds instead of letters or colours, write sounds on cards, turn them upside down and say the sound when you turn it over, call out different sounds for your child to write, practice writing sounds in sand, salt, play doh etc

Jolly Phonics Programme resources available at

Handwriting – continue Handwriting book, they can complete the next 5 pages.

Senior Infants –

Children can continue pgs. 78-79 learning ‘ay’ sound. This work can be done over a few days and they can then practice writing words with that sound as you say it. This is a good oppertunity to show rhyming words which end in ‘ay’

They can continue learning ‘Tricky Words.’ They can learn 4 more over the next few weeks. Again learn the letters which make up the word and then write 2 sentences with that word in it. As like last month I’m going to print out some and post them on to you. The words to learn are: one, old, by, only.

Like  last month they can play some games based on new tricky words and keep revising ones already learned. There are some great ideas for learning and revising tricky words on the following website.

There are many readers online which you could practice reading with. I’ve got some examples below.


Username: primaryedcobooks

Password: edco2020

Log in to website using the details above. Select English, then scroll down and select the following readers:
Danny to the Rescue
A Snowy Idea
Oh no Zeb
What a Box!
Wow! 2012

CJ Fallon

Select class level, subject& filter the title you require.
Suggested readers for Infants: A New Baby
Stories For You
Look at This!
Jen Plays Tricks
Len Likes to Hide

Handwriting – continue Handwriting book, they can complete the next 5 pages.

GAEILGE – As before if you wish to you can look up

Look up the book Abair Liom A – this is the Junior Infants  book.

Click onto different topics and listen or play games.  Pastimes –  Caitheamh Aimsire (co-hiv I-M-shir) which we did after Christmas. If you wish you could also access Food– Bia (bee-a) which was  our topic before that.


Junior Infants can continue to revise combining totals like last the last fortnight. They can also learn about capacity. Look at the picture below and discuss which are full and which are empty. You could get them to do some practical work around this topic like finding items which are full (can of food, toy box, milk carton, shower gel etc) and empty (box, used food containers etc) They could show you an empty container and then fill it for you.

They can also learn the number 0. There’s a video link on pg.83 of  Operation Maths Junior Infants on

They can count down to zero like in the video and practice writing it. We use the rhyme “Make a loop just like so, that is how you make a zero.”

They can also then practice combining totals including zero like the example below. Again 5-6 of these any day is plenty.

Senior Infants can practice ordering numbers. Below is a sample from the page 91 of their textbook. If possible you could make up some examples of your own for the children to complete.

The children could also practice writing the numbers between 1 and 10. Finally they could practice combining 3 numbers and calculating the total like below.


Log onto and open Explore With Me Junior Infants

On page 52 there is a story to listen to called Frank the Fisherman. Discuss the story and compare how fishing was when Frank was small and how fisherman work now. Can the children name some fish they catch?

They can also listen to the story The Fish Who Could Wish. After they can draw a fish and label the eye, scales, tail and fin on their fish.

You could also look at the experiment on page 54 of the textbook (link at top of page). Explain there is a lot of fat mixed in with the liquid in cream and as the jar with the cream is shaken the fat sticks together to make butter. The children could experiment and make their own butter in this way. Ask them what it looks like, smells like and tastes like (if they wish to try it!) Afterwards they could draw the items they needed to make butter and label them.


Drawing: Get children to write their name in big, colourful letters and decorate around it with pictures of their favourite things such as food, animals, hobby, place to go, people, tv show, weather, game to play etc.


Below is an idea for lots of different actions for different letters. The Children could spell out their name or Senior Infants could practice some tricky words with it.

There are lots of other great activities for all the family on the website.

There are some ideas for indoor activities on these cards.


As last month Joe Wicks workout is very good and just getting out for walks and cycles is also of great benefit for everyone. It was lovely to see pictures from some of you out and about in your gardens, on nature walks and helping on farms! Keep up the good work 😉


Continue to follow the videos Claire sent on from last month and there are some more uploaded in the last few weeks. I’ve put the link in below again.


There is a 4 day plan below but feel free to pick and choose activities as with other subjects there is no pressure to complete it all.

On Our Way

Water is Good

Scanned pages of lesson attached including pupil’s book and worksheet.


Day 1: Conversation about garden (story and discussion on pages). Pupils could draw or take photo of their garden.

Day2: Scanned page of pupil’s book attached and discussion questions in lesson.

Day 3: Bible story is available at

Day 4: This could be done at home – find all the things you need water for and draw or write a list.

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