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Happy Easter from the Senior Room!

For the past number of weeks, the Senior Classroom have been very busy preparing for all the celebrations that Spring brings!

In SPHE, the children have been working on the topic “Making Decisions.” They have been looking at all the types of decisions they can make now as well as the types of decisions they can make in the future. In preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, the children had to make 4 important decisions, 1 for their family, 1 for a friend, 1 for the world and 1 for themselves!

In English, the children wrote about Friendship and described the qualities of their friends using a variety of adjectives.

The children have been learning about “An Aimsir” in Gaeilge. Given the “aimsir” we have been having during Spring, the children learned the poem “Sneachta” and drew a picture to illustrate the poem.

In Religion, the children designed their own poster for the Bishop’s Poster Competition depicting the theme of “Journeys in the Bible”

Didn’t they all do a great job showing many Bible stories that involve a journey!

The children also participated in a clay workshop with Clare Caron, a parent in our school. They learned many techniques and as a result, produced lots of wonderful clay pieces!

In preparation for Easter, the children designed their own Pop Art Easter Eggs

and their own Easter Cards!


Finally, the Senior Classroom hosted our Annual Coffee Morning & Cake Sale on Friday, 23rd March. Below are some photos of all their hard work on the day!

Waiters & waitresses at our Coffee Morning!

Raffle Ticket Sellers!

Bake Sale Shop Assistants!

Members to meet & greet visitors to our school!

Guess the Number of Sweets Stall

Guess the Name of the Lamb!

Well done to all the children for their enthusiasm and hard work over the past number of weeks 🙂

Happy Easter & enjoy your well deserved Easter Holiday!

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2 Responses to Happy Easter from the Senior Room!

  1. Kelsey Roe says:

    Really enjoyed that day. Time flies ??

  2. Clare Caron says:

    Wonderful photos of hard working kids. Well done!

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