Wandesforde National School

Wandesforde National School is a three teacher school. Rebuilt in 2007, it offers wonderful facilities and resources in a traditional stone building with plenty of grounds for parking and playing.  Located in Castlecomer in North Kilkenny, it is within a short walk of Castlecomer Discovery Park which provides fabulous opportunities for lots of nature walks and science lessons. Class sizes are small generally being 6-10 children per class.

As a school community, we endeavour to help each child reach his or her potential, all are equally valued and respected and a positive, friendly atmosphere is maintained.

Summer Activities in 4th, 5th & 6th!

26th August 2019

During May and June, the Senior Classroom were busy in all subject areas. The children completed Class Projects on various topics of interest and enjoyed researching their topics on the school computers and Ipads! In Art, the children completed many … Continue reading Read More »

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End of Year Achievements!

24th August 2019

We held our End of Year Assembly on Thursday, 20th June.  It was a happy and a sad occasion in one, marking the end of all our achievements during the year as well as saying goodbye to a great 6th … Read More »

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Summer arrives in the Junior Room!

24th June 2019

We have been learning lots about summer in the Junior Room throughout the month of June. We had fun exploring camping through play. We made play doh and junk art camping items, role played on the campsite & made our … Read More »

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Summer Fun in The Middle Room!

22nd June 2019

The month of June has flown by and over the past 3 weeks, we have been focusing on the theme of Summer!  We made crazy flavoured ice pops… In English, we wrote “Summer Bucket Lists”.  The boys and girls are … Read More »

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Sports’ Day 2019!

21st June 2019

On Monday, 17th June, the children had a fun and active sports’ day in Wandesforde National School!  We focus on fun and participation in the 5 races which include a sprint, hurdles, egg and spoon race, sack race and the … Read More »

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A Huge Thank You to Everyone!

19th June 2019

Wandesforde National School wishes to thank everybody who made the annual cycle on 8th June such a success!  We were delighted to see over 125 cyclists set off at 9am on the 70km and 100km routes!  At 11 am, there … Read More »

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