What is the average class size?

6-10 pupils is our average class size.

How many teachers are there?

We are a three teacher school

How do the Infants travel home?

Junior and Senior Infants finish school at 2 pm and are collected by their parents/childminders. There is ample parking in the school grounds.

Do the parents or teachers purchase the school books?

The teachers will purchase all of the school books for the year. The school operates a book rental system which minimizes the cost for families. Parents will be issued with a bill in September each year for workbooks, journals, book rental and photocopying.

Is music taught at the school?

Yes, Ms Lanigan visits the school once a week to teach the children piano lessons.

What games are taught in PE?

The teachers teach some of the PE lessons but we also use external trainers (which are paid for by the fundraising of the Parents Association and the BOM). Recently, the children have enjoyed soccer and basketball training. They travel to Carlow swimming pool each summer term for a weekly swimming lesson.
We have ample grounds for the children to play in during their breaks and football is a huge favourite with most of the children.

Can children be prepared for their First Communion at this school?

As Wandesforde School is under Church of Ireland management, children of other religions would have to contact their local priest or other religious leader for all occasions under that religion. However, pupils of other faiths are welcome at the school with religious teaching being carried out in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for religious beliefs and differences.   Religious education does take a central position in the school curriculum and the local Rector visits the senior classes on a regular basis.