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Junior Classes on Tour in Co. Wexford!

On Friday, 25th May the whole school went on a school tour to Fethard on Sea in Co. Wexford. The Senior Classes went surfing while the Junior Classes visited Hook Lighthouse and also enjoyed an art lesson there with local artist, Rose Finn.

Take a look at our pictures of Hook Lighthouse!

We first had our lunch outside by the sea!

 We then made our way towards the lighthouse to meet our tour guide, Liam

We climbed up 113 steps to the top of the lighthouse and of course we had to come back down the 113 steps!

On our visit to the lighthouse we learned a lot about the life of a lighthousekeeper. We really enjoyed hearing about how the light actually works in the lighthouse.

Did you know that there are 3 seconds between the flashes of light on Hook Lighthouse and that every lighthouse in the world has a different time sequence between each flash!!                                

We also got to meet a friendly lighthousekeeper!

We visited all the rooms in the lighthouse and we also got to look up the 2 chimneys in the lighthouse too!

When we reached the top of the lighthouse, we got to see the amazing views around Hook Head!

We really enjoyed our tour of Hook Lighthouse!

However, our fun did not just stop there! Next we met Rose Finn, a local artist at the bottom of the lighthouse and she brought us to her Art and Craft Den to paint scenes of the sea on real slates!! The children really had a great time designing their very own slate which they brought home as a little momento of their trip to Hook Lighthouse!

Take a look at the children painting their slates inside the den!!

As a final part to our school tour, we arrived back in  Kilkenny for some hot food and we then enjoyed an hour’s bowling with our friends at KBowl!!


Well done and thank you to all the children for making our school tour a very happy and memorable occasion for everybody. A big thank you to the staff for all their work on the day. We’re looking forward to organising our next school tour for you all!!

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2 Responses to Junior Classes on Tour in Co. Wexford!

  1. Lorna says:

    Sounds like everyone had a great time. I know Kate really enjoyed it, she was very excited going off with plans to imagine it was like the lighthouse at Kirrin Bay (we’re reading Famous Five at the mo) 🙂

  2. Susan Power says:

    It sounds like you had a lovely day out at the lighthouse! The bowling was great fun too! The slates the children painted were beautiful, well done!

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