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Our Website is Reviewed!

Our school website here at was recently reviewed by Simon Lewis, principal of the Carlow Educate School and author of the education website. I know Simon from a blogging network and chatting to him one evening about the school site, he mentioned that he was looking for school websites to review so I suggested ours, interested to see what his take on that would be. I had forgotten all about it when I saw his tweet and wondered what the review would hold.

I’m pleased to say it was very honest, thorough, favourable and analytical. ┬áIt also demonstrates the amount of work that the teachers do in keeping the site updated and sharing with us the work completed by the children in the school. Do check out the review by clicking the link here. I was pleased to see our Testimonials page, our FAQ page, the colours we used and our Stars of the Week receiving a special mention and also that Simon pointed out that the archives of the site can be used as historical documents for Wandesforde School in the future.

Lorna Sixsmith

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2 Responses to Our Website is Reviewed!

  1. olga kerr says:

    wow,just read it and its a fantastic review.

  2. Davina says:

    It’s a great review of the school website-no doubt this will be a great advertisement of the school!

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